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Monday Morning Shower Report: Thanksgiving Edition

Good Morning Bleary-Eyed fans, hopefully you’ve recovered from your food comas’ and the inevitable Black Friday wounds.  Don’t forget Cyber Monday deals can also be just as dangerous and painful, just think of the Carpul Tunnel Syndrome.   The surgery you have to have looks like it is straight out of some horror B-Movie special effects.

Want to know how I got these scars?
Want to know how I got these scars?  Amazon, ’15, so many deals, just couldn’t stop…

While we are all gingerly tending to our wounds and over-sized stomachs, your fellow Bleary-Eyed fans will take care of those “hard to reach” places…like belly buttons and behind the ears.  Onto the Top 5 movies everyone watched during their glutton fest!  (Note: this is only counting the Friday to Sunday numbers as Wednesday releases are calculated from opening to Thursday).

1) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2- $51.6M ($198.3M Total)

Have to admit I am a little surprised here since a Pixar film released this week, but I’ll go ahead and give the franchise its due, it can certainly make money.  Maybe it doesn’t completely tell a coherent story, but it’s entertaining enough to get our seals of approval.  People will keep seeing this and I think it’ll have a long run in the Top 5.  Kinda like that aunt who came to stay for Thanksgiving, but decided she might as well stay till Christmas.  After all, Southwest doesn’t charge for changing flights!

Hell, she might solve a murder or two while she's there
Hell, she might solve a murder or two while she’s there, you do own a typewriter, right?

2) The Good Dinosaur ($55.6M Total)

The Good Dinosaur was the second worst opening of a Pixar film and the worst you might ask?  Toy Story– the first film by an untested studio even though it was attached to Disney (note, if you look it up Toy Story 2 and A Bug’s Life’s opening weekend gross, you’ll notice severely low numbers due to them only releasing in one theater their opening weekend, the following weekend would be the true opening and follows what is seen regarding about The Good Dinosaur’s opening.)  This is a bit odd as there really isn’t another cartoon other than The Peanuts Movie out and that doesn’t appeal to “today’s children”.  Thankfully it was still an entertaining film and those that went likely enjoyed it.  I have a feeling it might see a reasonable run at the box office, especially as schools start to let out.

Perhaps it's because they forgot to add Chris Pratt and motorcycles
Perhaps it’s because they forgot to add Chris Pratt and motorcycles.  Key miss Pixar.

3) Creed ($42.6M Total)

I’ll do my best to get a review out there soon, but believe me when I say, this film is good.  If you’ve ever enjoyed a sports film (Remember the Titans, Hoosiers, or The Mighty Ducks) then you will fall completely head over heels for this film that passes the torch from the Rocky franchise to a new and younger generation.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and enjoy this as soon as you can.
Seriously, do yourself a favor and enjoy this film as soon as you can.

4) Spectre- $12.8M ($176.1M Total)

007 and Blofeld continue to rake in a few million over the past few weekends.  Spectre still lags behind Skyfall especially with inflation, but it does continue to weigh our action lust until The Force Awakens releases.  Then Bond can retire for another three to five years.

Hell, I wouldn't mind retiring with an Aston Martin
Hell, I wouldn’t mind retiring with an Aston Martin.  It would have to have all the weapons still in tact, I have MAJOR road rage and want to be able to take care of some annoying traffic

5) The Peanuts Movie- $9.7M ($116.8M Total)

On the plus side, The Peanuts Movie has made back it’s $99M budget so far, but they still have to make back the marketing and such they did in the US.  Also, it does have a place in the Top 10 of “G-Rated Film Grosses”.  Depending upon when it finishes its theatrical run, that ranking will likely go up.  One thing I’m sure Fox is watching closely is to see if they can engage new viewership and create new specials.  I don’t know if that’ll work, but if it gives them a lift on the Halloween and Christmas Special sales, then it’ll have been worth it.

That's right little baby, it is all about the Benjamins
That’s right little baby, it is all about the Benjamins.  So no pooping on them.

That’s it for our Top 5.  My hope is that a lot more people will Creed a chance in the next few weeks.  I doubt Miss Katniss Everdeen will give up her hold on the top spot for another week or two, but in less than 18 days, the most anticipated movie this year will blow our minds out the back of our skulls.

I could have shown real brain matter blown all over the place, but I figured since we all just got cleaned up in the shower, I’ll spare you look at that type of horror and just show the first amazing Captain America: Civil War trailer instead.  It’ll likely play before Star Wars.

Hope to have a detailed Creed review to you all tomorrow and we’ve got some great surprises for Wednesday Wars, just pay attention, or actually read this site.


Spectre or The Bond Movie that was a Bond Movie but not like Recent Bond Movies…Bond


Bond, James Bond.   Over 24 movies, we’ve heard this phrase uttered a million times by a million actors (giver or take a million) and it never gets old.  When a Bond film is announced and then hypes its way to release, there is a certain air of mystery and excitement.  Who is the villain and what is their master plan?  What new gadgets does Bond get this time? How many STD’s has he contracted since the last film?

"Seriously 007, Gonorrhea is no joke" -M
“Seriously 007, Gonorrhea is no joke” -Q

Since 2006’s Casino Royale, the Bond reboot if you will, both the quality of the action and storytelling of the films has increased and changed dramatically.  In general, the tone of the films have deviated from the typical action film with repetitious plot points to an adventure film that happens to have James Bond in it.  It is much the same way that The Dark Knight was a gangster/mob film that happened to have characters dressed as a Bat and a Clown.  It is also no coincidence that these films were released so close together as in the mid-to-late 2000’s, writing good films came first and then adding all the traditional troupess (superhero powers, spies, and bulletproof protagonists) was a large part of the film-making industry.  Iron Man is another great example of this sort of style. The movie was first about the morality of arms dealing and terrorism, then eventually included a man in a supersuit.  And as we all know, this method was extremely successful as all of the films mentioned above went on to either complete series or start an epic universe.

This would not have happened in any other age of filmmaking
This would not have occurred in any other age of film-making

In Spectre, the James Bond franchise reemerges as what audiences think of as the “typical Bond film”.  While its really the culmination of the story arc started in Casino Royale, it is very different from the films that proceed it. Casino Royale and Skyfall both gave the Bond films a much needed change of pace and style.  They still had witty dialogue, gadgets, attractive women, sex and excitement, but gone were the “over-the-top” set pieces and world destroying plans.  In short, those Bond films were much more subtle and personal.  You can really tell the difference between them by just knowing the villain’s motives and ultimate goals. Mads Mikkelsen’s Le Chiffre from Casino Royale was there to win a poker tournament to pay off other villains.  And Javier Bardem’s Silva in Skyfall just wanted to exact revenge against Dame Judi Dench’s M and MI6 for him being spurned by the agency and his “Mother”.  This is a far cry from the last “traditional Bond film”, Die Another Day, which included an ice castle hotel, North Korean face transplants, and a giant sun focusing laser in space.

It's the
It’s the space laser one, that’s what doesn’t belong. Also Halle Berry, but that a whole other story

What made Casino Royale and Skyfall so special was Daniel Craig’s performance and tearing away all the familiar and expected Bond behavior. Daniel Craig’s Bond is vulnerable, he can be hurt, he makes mistakes and he’s all the more entertaining for it.  Now don’t get me wrong, all the actors proceeding him had their merits, especially Connery who brought Bond to life, but none of them have been put through the ringer like Craig’s Bond.  And with Spectre, you’re going to get a lot more of that, but as we’ve come to expect, Craig pulls it off effortlessly and showcases why he was the perfect choice for James Bond in the first place.  Now, there is already a large discussion on whether or not he should return to the role for a fifth time as 007.  I believe he wrapped up a good storyline in Spectre and should only return if it is absolutely necessary to the film’s story that Craig be the face of Bond.  I’d honestly rather a fresh new face portray the most well known spy, but my choice is pretty controversial:

Just seems right to me, but I'd be fine with anyone on this list
Seems like a perfect, bold, and unique fit to me, but I’d be fine with anyone on this list

Back to Spectre.  With a brilliant character, excellent track record, and all the hype in the world (at least what’s not being used for The Force Awakens), it really puzzles me why Director Sam Mendes decided to return the series to its typical troupess.  The action was completely over-the-top, which while still enjoyable but felt out of place from the other films with Craig’s Bond. Even the elaborate torture machine has been reintroduced.  SPECTRE as villainous organization is way more “World Dominating Illuminati”-Type than what we’ve seen in a while.   The film makes it seem as if they’ve been behind every criminal activity from terrorism to mismatching hot dogs with hot dog buns.

I KNEW it had to be a Conspiracy
I KNEW it had to be a Conspiracy by a shadow organization

At any rate, Spectre is very entertaining but lacks the subtle nuances of the more recent Bond films.  Now don’t discount the film just because it eschews from what Craig has done with 007, but remember that the James Bond series was highly enjoyable with all the troupess in place. One of these famous troupess are the unique, diabolical, and just plain cool villains.

Christoph Waltz was universally regarded as absolutely terrifying in Inglourious Basterds as Colonel Hans Landa.  Then everyone cheered for him passionately as Dr. King Schultz in Django Unchained.  It’s also worth noting that he won Oscars (Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role) for both performances.  So, bringing him on as the newest and most diabolical of all the new Bond villains was nothing short of a perfect casting decision.  He commands all of the attention in almost every scene he is in like a Kardashian on TMZ.

This is what a
This is what a Kardashian is, right?

Now I won’t spoil anything, but suffice it to say, if you know your Bond lore, you know who heads up SPECTRE.  If not, go back and watch 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever and you’ll get it.  Sadly Sam Mendes takes a page from J.J. Abrams’ playbook and chooses to hide details that any Bond fan will easily see.  This robs any drama from any possible surprise revelations and just confuses anyone who hasn’t been following the franchise since the early 1960’s.

His name is actually
His name is actually Thanos, but for marketing the film, we’ll call him Luke Skywalker

Coming into the film knowing Waltz will be brilliant pulls a lot of the stress from all the other actors.  Ralph Fiennes, with his decidedly attached nose, does his job as the new M by being cross with 007 most of the time, but he gets to kick some ass this time around, which is pretty awesome. The other two actors who I adored in Spectre are Ben Whishaw’s Q (sadly he’s no Desmond Llewelyn or John Cleese, but he brings his own charm and idiosyncrasies to the character of Q) and Dave Bautista as the main brawler villain in the film.  Bautista, wrestler turned actor, has been climbing the ranks and becoming one of my favorite people in Hollywood.  He absolutely delivers the strong, silent, and menacing big gun of the film.

I don't have a trigger
“How can I be a gun, I have no trigger or hold any ammunition?”

Anyway, Waltz and Bautista are the perfect villains for the traditional Bond style, and that’s really what Spectre is, just a return to the old Bond films which were mostly successful and beloved. I left the theater entertained, which is the whole purpose of movies, but not “wowed” by the film.  Don’t get me wrong, you should absolutely see Spectre in theaters just for the sheer enjoyment of a Bond film and all that that implies, but just be ready to experience the Bond films of old, Aston Martin and all.

Didn’t read my fancy words, here is the short version:

You’re absolutely going to be entertained by Spectre.  From the stylish action, over-the-top set pieces, Craig’s perfect portrayal as Bond, and some of the coolest villains in recent memory, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it.  Just don’t go in expecting Casino Royale or Skyfall.

Also, I want this on the record that I went this whole review without making A SINGLE REFERENCE TO TENTACLES, so that should make my partner, TheManChicken happy.

I’ll leave everyone with a parting gift.  One iconic aspect of all Bond films that is always my favorite are the opening credits and the song that accompanies them.  While the official footage isn’t available yet, Sam Smith’s music video (they still make those?) is available, so enjoy “(The) Writing’s On The Wall” and then go see Spectre while it is in theaters.


Monday Morning Shower Report: Box Office 11/6-11/8

Good morning you fine Bleary-Eyed fans.  It’s Monday morning and it’s time to look back at the weekend and determine which films slugged it out for the top spot in the Box Office Battle Royale.  As you might recall, my money was on Spectre for a $60-$80M debut.  Check out the number One on our list.  Now that we’re all in the shower together…can you now see my powers of insight?  Do they make you tremble?  Will you fear my mind?

Or just
Or can you just clean my perfectly sculpted butt?

Cleanliness aside, let’s find out the Top 5 from last weekend:

1) Spectre- $73.0M

Ah ha!  I told you all where the gross would be, did you listen?  No.  Did you attempt to make guesses of your own?  No.  What does this tell me? No one is reading this stuff… Oh well, my hurt feelings aside, congrats to 007 for another great performance at the Box Office.  While Skyfall still holds the record for the largest opening of any Bond film with $87.8M in 2012, Spectre did well enough to overthrow The Martian from it’s six week reign at the Number One spot or near it.

Take that Damon! Oh, cute bag too
Take that Damon!  Your pink bag is no match for Daniel Craig’s dreamy eyes

We’ll have our official review for Spectre later today, so we can talk more about Craig’s fourth outing as the Spy Supreme and if we believe he should continue.

2) The Peanuts Movie – $45.0M

As predicted, Charles Schultz’s legacy on display in modern animation took the second spot this week.  Sadly, the nostalgia wasn’t strong enough to get The Peanuts Movie even remotely close to the largest animated opening of 2015 (Minions @ $115.7M in July).  It’s a shame that more people were not interested in the Schultz toon, but from what others have said, it stayed close to the source material and respected the fans and legacy.  It may not make much money, but the film adds another notch on the belt for a successful and beloved franchise.

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 30: Meredith Vieira, Willie Geist, Carson Daly, Natalie Morales, Tamron Hall, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford attend NBC's "Today": Spooktacular Costume Party at Rockefeller Plaza on October 30, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)
Sadly we got this nightmare fuel from “The Today Show” that might have put off a few potential viewers…

3) The Martian- $9.3M ($197.1M Total)

Continuing in the Top 5 for its sixth week, The Martian continues to thrill audiences and take their money like a mugger in New York.  The total above represents the Domestic Box Office, but to truly give you a “wow” statistic, the Worldwide gross to date is an excellent $458.5M.  Now, that doesn’t hold much of a candle to Jurassic World’s Worldwide total of $1.7B, but for it not being a sequel, a remake, or Superhero film, The Martian is doing just fine.

Unless you're this
Unless you’re this Martian, he’s still waiting for Space Jam 2…

Matt Damon and the Red Planet continue to delight and we at I Watch Too Many Movies couldn’t be happier as it will hopefully reignite the love for space and exploration.  Maybe we’ll get to Mars a little faster due to this film’s popularity.

4) Goosebumps- $7.0M ($66.4M Total)

The nostalgia machine Goosebumps continues to plod along, but with it being November, it doesn’t look like it’ll be going too much farther.  In general we enjoyed what we saw, and despite our earlier concerns, they actually came up with a creative way to bring the books of our childhood to life.  Check it out when it comes out video or streaming, but don’t expect anything other than a comedy that the family can enjoy. You never know, it might be a great excuse to get your kids reading the beloved books from your past.

Only disappointment was leaving my favorite book out of the film
Only disappointment was leaving my favorite book out of the film

5) Bridge of Spies- $6.1M ($55.0M Total)

Rounding out the Top 5 this weekend was Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies.  The film wasn’t built to be a blockbuster success, but give a little bit of history and allow Tom Hanks to stretch acting legs before he’s forced to pick up the role of Robert Langdon in Ron Howard’s Inferno.

Yeah, we're a little surprised you keep coming back too
Yeah, we’re a little surprised you keep coming back too this series as well, does Dan Brown have something on you Tom?

What Bridge of Spies does do is give us a stark contrast from the action/adventure/heroics of Spectre.  Ask most people though, and they’ll take 007 over anything close to reality.

That rolls up our Top 5 from last weekend’s Box Office.  I don’t foresee too much shakeup in the Box Office until November 20th when we get the conclusion of The Hunger Games, some crazy hijinks with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen,  and a biographical film featuring Tom Hardy portraying identical twin gangsters.  I’ve got 5 to 1 odds that we’ll be seeing some big numbers in the next few weeks.

When The Hunger Games ends, you have my permission to make money
When The Hunger Games is over, you have my permission to see my film

Enjoy the week and remember not to get too much soap in your eyes, because this crowded shower isn’t good about sharing the water.