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“Look! Up on the Internet. Is it a Review? Is it an update? No, it’s a fluff piece.”

It’s been an epic half a year at I Watch Too Many Movies.  There are still some movies for the rest of the year and quite possibly the most anticipated movie of the decade since The Avengers.  In fact, we have 7 days and 14 hours by my count:


Take your pick, I’m stoked about both of them

We want to thank all of our Bleary-Eyed fans who read our reviews and tolerate our crazy attempts at humor.  It’s usually a given that a movie review should have humor and more than a little bit of actual review…ness.  We know that most of our reviews come late, really after a movie has released, but since our readership isn’t as obsessed with movies as we are, we’re hoping that our opinions matter a little bit to someone out there.  I know we’re always thinking about the kids.

"Please sir, can we have more content?"
“Please sir, can we have more content?”

Well anyway, I wanted to point you all to a few of my favorite posts this year and then we’ll talk about what we might be doing for our end of the year extravaganza.  Probably discuss our favorite movies of the year and then, of course, a HUGE party!

At least there will be something like beer...
At least there will be something like beer…

Anyway, let me showcase some of my favorite reviews or segments that we did this year:

Surely there is more to come in 2016.  We’ve discussed doing a Podcast once or so a month.  There is the thought of partnering with another fantastic site, Nerdgasm that will showcase more of the gaming aspect. They do an excellent Twitch channel on YouTube and you should definitely check them out.

Finally, I came across a hilarious trailer based on all the epic movies that came out this year.  I hope you all enjoy!

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