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Box Office

Monday Morning Shower Report: Box Office 7/15-7/17 or A Disappointing start for Ghostbusters

Morning Bleary-Eyed fans, hope everyone had an excellent weekend…well, at least better than Sony did with the new Ghostbusters film.  Only have time for a quick recap of last weekend’s Box Office results, but I really have to apologize for the lack of posts recently and of course I want to spend just a moment to mourn all the lives lost in the past few weeks.  I love films more than a lot of things, but escapism right now feels, I don’t know, wrong.  Especially when so many are suffering. Now I don’t want to speak for anyone other than myself (Manchicken has his own opinions), and it’ll be quick.  So just as simple as it can be: Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, All Minority Lives Matter, and NO ONE deserves to die at the hand of another other, absolute extreme circumstances notwithstanding.

Not near enough of a token to those that were killed.
Not near enough of a token to those that were killed.

Also, to keep in the spirit with the subject of the website, but honestly, they had the answer to the future’s woe’s back in 1989.  It was in a slacker time travel comedy that starred a young Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, called Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

Just realized this movie is kind of a Doctor Who ripoff...i
Just realized this movie is kind of a Doctor Who ripoff…i
The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

First Annual Oscar Clobber or The First time we rant about the Academy Awards

I honestly had a real plan for this article.  It was going to be a week long event in which we had guest writers discussing things like #OscarsSoWhite, how terrible the panel is due to ridiculous rules, eligibility, and voting, but I just can’t seem to care enough about the award show to make a real effort at posting something profound.

Seriously, I just Googled "Apathy" and this was the first image that came up...
Seriously, I just Googled “Apathy” and this was the first image that came up…

In lieu of an article about how awful the Oscars have become (and pretty much always have been), I’m going to go over some of the major categories and see if we can find something of interest somewhere among them to talk about.


Academy Award for Best Actress

First off, I really don’t like the fact that we still distinguish between “Actresses” and “Actors” via gender.  They are all actors and should be treated as such.  In my opinion, we should really put Jennifer Lawrence (nominated this year for the movie Joy) up against Eddie Redmayne (nominated for his (her?) performance in The Danish Girl) or Matt Damon (nominated for The Martian).  If you’ve seen Joy, you know it’s no where near the caliber of her past performances (Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, etc.), but it’s still a well put together movie and for her part, she does everything right and again, showcases an immense amount of talent.

"Don't put metal in the SCIENCE OVEN!" Still my favorite line of that movie and quite possibly 2014.
“Don’t put metal in the SCIENCE OVEN!” Still my favorite line of that movie and quite possibly 2014.

Anyway, there are other actors (yes, screw the word Actress) that are nominated as well, here is a quick round up:

  • Cate Blanchett, in Carol Aird, as Carol
  • Brie Larson, in Room, as Joy “Ma” Newsome
  • Jennifer Lawrence, in Joy, as Joy Mangano
  • Charlotte Rampling, in 45 Years, as Kate Mercer
  • Saoirse Ronan, in Brooklyn, as Eilis Lacey

IWTMM’s Prediction: Jennifer Lawrence

Of course it has to be Jennifer Lawrence.  Everyone loves her (she is really seemingly charming by all accounts) and if the panel even recognized any other actor’s name in that pile, then I would be surprised.  Just give her another one, let her trip on the stairs or her dress *cue laughter* and a “surprised” winning speech.

IWTMM’s “Who Should Have Won”: Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Seriously, you’ve likely seen Mad Max: Fury Road, the other nominations, not too likely.  If you have (or even if you haven’t), Charlize Theron kicks so much ass in two hours than all the “Action Stars” of the 80’s combined.  I totally think she should go all Kanye West on the Winner.

"I'm gonna let you finish, but first, I want to shoot a few idiots in the crowd." -Charlize Theron
“I’m gonna let you finish, but first, I want to shoot a few idiots in the crowd.” -Charlize Theron

Academy Award for Best Actor

 I believe they add, “in a Leading Role” to this title, but I don’t really care (that’s going to be a theme during this whole article).  Let’s take a look at our powder-white nominees:

  • Bryan Cranston, in Trumbo, as Dalton Trumbo
  • Matt Damon, in The Martian, as Mark Watney
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, in The Revenant, as Hugh Glass
  • Michael Fassbender, in Steve Jobs, as Steve Jobs
  • Eddie Redmayne, in The Danish Girl, as Lili Elbe / Einar Wegener

IWTMM’s Prediction: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo has been passed over for this award in four separate years.  They skipped a year between nominating him so it didn’t look too suspicious, but I believe DiCaprio has been thoroughly snubbed.  It likely doesn’t make any difference to him.  Did you see what he got to do in The Wolf of Wall Street?

I can just see all the tears spewing from his gold-lined tear ducts...
I can just see all the tears spewing from his gold-lined tear ducts…

I mean, come on, you think Leo cares?  Does he want to win, probably, it’s seemingly a big deal to these Hollywood types.  But if a little gold statue is more important than the millions he rakes in for almost every film he does, then I really think the “art” in film is moot.

I think this is a bit more up everyone's alley...
I think this is a bit more up everyone’s alley…

Academy Award for Best….

You know what, I really don’t give a crap.  The Oscars are horrible.  The monologue is obnoxious and no matter who wins, someone is going to be upset.  I don’t even have enough apathy to finish this article.

IWTMM’s Prediction for Best Director: Adam McKay for The Big Short

IWTMM’s Prediction for Best Picture: The Big Short

Seriously, I don’t care.  The Big Short was a phenomenal movie with excellent actors, a horrifying reality, and was honestly both entertaining and filmed very well.  It’s on the “Unicorn List”.  It’s both entertaining and “Critically” acclaimed.  So, for my money, it’s going to come out the winner, but I really don’t care.  The whole thing is just a big Hollywood circlejer…….

We apologize for the inconvience as us at I Watch Too Many Movies attempt to appeal to all audiences, thus the ending of the review has been closed and censored.
We apologize for the inconvenience as us at I Watch Too Many Movies attempt to appeal to all audiences, thus the ending of the review has been closed and censored.

…..and that’s all I have to say about that.  At least I get to see Zootopia next weekend.


Concise Comedy- The Night Before or Typical Crazy Comedy Adventure Movie #101: Now with Christmas!


Going to try something new for comedic films.  In general, when you go to see a comedy, there is only one thing you need: the movie needs to make you laugh.  I could go for a huge review of the actors, the director, cinematography, atmosphere, writing, dialogue or even the absolutely insane demands some actors make while filming.

Yes your Majesty, we couldn't believe
Yes your Majesty, we too were disgusted by Tom Cruise’s demands

But what I’m trying to say is, all you want to ask is one question: Was it funny?  We’ll answer it as quickly as we can so you can get back to procrastinating.  You really should fix that lock on on your bathroom.

Next time we'll have more than just a camera...
Next time we’ll be back and bring more than just a camera…

Anyway, I’m going to try out the new format and we’ll go from there.

  • Are the actors good?

    • Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and Jillian Bell are hilarious.  There are also some awesome cameos, but no spoilers here. Anthony Mackie seems like he’s trying too hard. He should probably stick to being an Avenger for now: Bad. Ass.
  • Is the story stupid?

    • Not at all.  It’s actually pretty touching.  I wouldn’t mind adding it to Christmas and “coming of age” comedy classics. And there is only one or two moments of “fantasy/science fiction” that are not drug induced.
  • Who should I see this with?

    • Your best friends.  It’s all about friendship and growing up and if you can’t relate, you’re likely not human, but I’m not judging. I think Grandma might want to skip this one.  Unless she is still into the drug scene, then, more power to her.
    • General note on comedy films: try your best to see them with a large crowd, like opening weekend.  You will feed off the crowd as they laugh and you’ll have a lot more fun.  Just my personal experience, take it or leave it.
  • What movies would you compare it to?

    • Anything Seth Rogen and James Franco have been in
    • Anything Judd Apatow has written or directed
    • Harold and Kumar Series
  • Finally: Was it funny?

    • Yes.  It’s very much the juvenile humor we’ve come to expect from anything Seth Rogen is involved in (well, with one exception).  It’s got it all, absurd situations, drugs, sex, and Top 40 music.  JGL is amazing.  He sings, dances, gets beat up and adds all the feelings the movie needs.  Seth Rogen does his normal stuff and you’ll love him for it.  The Night Before is funny and you need to see it with your friends at home when you’re drinking, smoking, or completely sober.  You already missed opening weekend, so just wait for the home release.

Under 500 word count, I think that’ll do.


The Intern or How Experience Trumps Education


Let’s face it, business is changing and in all honesty, not really for the better.  Of course everyone is absolutely thrilled with 2-day delivery from Prime or having about one to a billion of these different subscription box websites that will deliver something to your door every single month.  (Yeah, every word in that sentence contains one of those kind of sites…)  It is simply us humans finding ways to save time or energy.  Ever noticed how many “time saving” devices and sites we have, but for some reason we have less time than ever?

Now I’m not blaming e-commerce for anything.  I’m blaming us lazy humans, but you know what?  That’s OKAY!  Be as lazy as you would like to be and enjoy all the benefits modern society offers you.  I sure know I do.  Hell, I work for an e-commerce site and I couldn’t be happier.  Today’s rant (I think I’m supposed to review a movie too) isn’t about e-commerce business changes, but just setting the scene for a cute movie with two very likable and talented actors.

The Intern quickly showcases the best case scenario for retirement.  Well, the best case scenario for any man is actually being Robert De Niro, but since we don’t have any Malkovich like shenanigans available, we’ll have to settle for retiring, hopefully, as his character does.  Ben (De Niro’s character) has no serious health issues, a beautiful home, airline miles to go anywhere, and showcases some pretty badass tai chi.  Of course there have to be holes in his life: he lost his wife and has the general feeling of something missing in his retired life.  Enter the “Senior Internship Program” for a successful e-commerce apparel company.

First of all, it was a damn delight seeing De Niro act in a manner different from his typical roles.  There wasn’t the silliness of Meet the Parents, stress of Silver Linings Playbook, or even the early hard ass years of  Goodfellas.  He just plays the man everyone wishes were in their life.  If this is anything like De Niro’s real personality, then he’s one of the best humans on Earth.

Next we have Anne Hathaway being quirky, cute, and solid as ever.  I really enjoyed her character as she definitely showcased powerful women in the workplace without her having to result to being evil.  It was so refreshing to see, I almost missed the fact that the filmmakers were actually trying to make her an intolerable busy mess without a heart, but I guess Miss Hathaway just can’t be an awful person for very long.  Hell, she even went and made a sentimental Catwoman and that’s a tall order.  Or maybe I was just distracted by her performance.  Eh, whatever it was, her acting clearly bucked the writing she was given.

It’s really the pairing of the two actors that works extremely well in this film.  Not only does the whole movie revolve around a traditional businessman working with an e-commerce tycoon, but it’s really excellent to see the more experienced De Niro play off the younger Hathaway and vice versa.  There is no other way this could have come about with the premise of the film, but they certainly gelled together well and, for the most part, holds this entire movie together.  That and an amazingly hilarious scene with De Niro and three other young interns taking on a ridiculous “heist-like” adventure.

There is also a lot of commentary on the changes to modern society.  Women as executives, men as house-husbands (favorite line: Hathaway’s character corrects De Niro with “They prefer ‘Stay-at-Home-Dads'”), open workplaces, everything “vintage” being cool (De Niro’s briefcase) and typical young men and women having no clue how to interact outside of academia.  It’s a real motif throughout the film that explains how all these twenty-somethings went to amazing colleges and have incredible degrees or something, but De Niro’s character has to use his old school experience and charm in order to clean up simple messes.  I get it, guys dress weird nowadays and women are unfortunately relegated to lesser positions in the workforce, but you don’t have to beat me over the head with it in every scene.


I take that back, keep beating me over the head until guys stop dressing like this…

The film has a beautiful core story and an excellent pairing of main characters, but throws in an extra sub-plot that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the movie.  I really feel those scenes took away from an otherwise great experience.  Basically, I just wanted to see more of Hathaway and De Niro and I don’t believe anyone would argue with me on that.

True to form in most soft comedies these days, there are no real stakes here.  Other writers might have taken darker chances with some of the characters and pushed the line on the weaker sub-plot, but frankly I’m glad they didn’t do that.  It was fine as it was, but really it’s just harmless and relaxing cinema.

Didn’t read my fancy words, here is the short version:

De Niro and Hathaway are a pair that should do everything they can to work together more often.  It’s a perfect date movie.  Even a family will enjoy this one.  It’ll make everyone laugh and you’ll enjoy the vast majority of the film, regardless of a oddly placed sub-plot.  Check it out on Blu-Ray or Digital.  It’s an enjoyable viewing.

-Darkmovienight (Oh and happy Batman Day 2015!)

Inside Out

TL;DR Portion

I love this film, I think you will, too. I took my two older boys (four and seven) to this film, and they liked it as well. I think your kids will understand and love the film as well. This is Pixar at its finest, which is something we haven’t seen a whole lot of lately.

The Premise of the Film

The story is that of a girl from birth up to adolescence, following how different aspects of her life form her personality, feels about things, and how all of that affects her decision making skills. All of this is manifest through the characters which are her feelings, which are:

  • Joy (Amy Poehler)
  • Fear (Bill Hader)
  • Anger (Lewis Black)
  • Disgust (Mindy Kaling)
  • Sadness (Phyllis Smith)

You get to see glimpses into how other characters in the film have their feelings arranged as well, which is nice.

As the young girl’s parents move the family for her father’s new company, you get to see how those changes affect her and how that combined with the angst of adolescence take her feelings on a rather action-packed journey of discovery, change, and growth.

What I liked

I liked how all of the characters interacted with one another, and the ways that they chose to manifest the feelings in the young girl. Most of all, I really enjoyed the animation style, the whimsical nature of the animation and story flow, and I found the voice acting to be a joy in and of itself. I could have watched this film blind-folded and I would have still found it super fun.

Amy Poehler was amazing as Joy, and Lewis Black was his usual amazing self as Angry (he’s very believable). I think the real amazing star here was Phyllis Smith, as Sad. She pulled off the funniest depression I’ve ever seen portrayed ever, and I think that between Sadness and Joy we all got a really clear picture of what the film was trying to say about how sadness isn’t a bad thing.

What I didn’t like

I think that fear and disgust were really throw-away characters. I think that they could have done a lot more with those characters and they really wasted an opportunity. Sure, Fear did a great job of lousing things up as fear usually does, but as supporting characters Fear and Disgust were just weaksauce.


I really enjoyed this film, I will probably buy it on Blu-Ray. I give it four out of five broccoli crowns.