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Loss: Alan Rickman- The Voice of God

Alan Rickman (1946-2016)


Hello Bleary-Eyed fans.  Sadly today we wake up and write a much different review.  I don’t believe we’ve had an actor perish while we’ve been writing, but when the news of Alan Rickman’s passing hit this morning, we knew that we would have to do something special.  In his honor, we’ll quickly go through his famous roles and what they meant to us and the film community at large.  Today, we present our favorite roles of the accomplished actor Alan Rickman:

Favorite Film Roles:

Die Hard (1988)- Hans Gruber

Hans Gruber

For most of us, this was the first time we met Mr. Rickman.  Not only was he a menacing villain, but a cold and calculating one.  His plans of using the FBI’s own tactics against them were pure genius.  Only the most badass cop of them all, John McClane could defeat such a mastermind. As a side note, the genuine expression of Alan Rickman’s face when he plumeted to his death was real as the director had cut the actor loose on the count of “2” instead of the promised “3”.

He never saw it coming, but gave us an amazing image we will never forget.
He never saw it coming, but gave us an amazing image we will never forget.
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)- Sheriff George of Nottingham

Sherrif of Nottingham

Kevin Costner gets most of the credit for this blockbuster, but if asked my opinion, Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham is his most roguish and handsome role he portrayed.  Just look at that lush hair.  Also, to his credit, his character took an exceptionally long time to die in the end.  I remember it being spoofed in Robin Hood: Men in Tights and loved every minute of it.

You also have to admire the insane threat here...
You also have to admire the insane threat here…
Dogma (1999)- Metatron


This is by far my favorite role of Alan Rickman’s.  It has a lot to do with the blasphemy portrayed in the film, but Mr. Rickman’s irreverent Metatron will forever be something that I cannot stop laughing at.  Even a movie being directed by Kevin Smith with Ben Affleck and Matt Daemon, Rickman makes his presence known and delivers the “Straight Man” character very well.

Galaxy Quest (1999)- Alexander Dane

Alexander Dane

Continuing in 1999, Rickman chose an excellent role in the famous Star Trek meta-comedy Galaxy Quest.  This role really let Rickman use his comedy chops and explore his range as an actor.  But it was the simple act of kindness he portrayed in the role which still brings a tear to my eye.  In the throws of death, an alien who truly believed in Rickman’s Dr. Lazarus, begged for that belief to come true.  Portraying not only the actor of this fictional character, Dr. Lazarus, Rickman gave the alien what he wanted in the best words possible:

“By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged!”

That scene still gives me chills
That scene still gives me chills
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)- Judge Turpin


Most likely his most creepy character on the list, Rickman’s Judge Turpin was as vile as his voice was wonderful.  Many bass singers get so little work in the form of musicals, but Rickman proves that the lower octaves can indeed impress.  Tim Burton set a beautiful and haunting stage for one of my favorite works of Stephen Sondheim and then let the actors do the rest.

The Harry Potter Series (2001-2011)- Professor Severus Snape


Rickman will most likely be immortalized as the mysteriously motivated and terrifying Professor Severus Snape.  An extremely large group of the Millennial generation will have grown up watching Rickman as Snape. His performance here was excellent and kept those that had not read the books guessing up to the very end.  While some of his other roles were my personal favorites, I know that many are crying tears of sorrow for the lost Potions Master.

Dignified, tortured, betrayed, and most of all, talented
Dignified, tortured, hated, but most of all, talented

Voice Work

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)- Marvin


A delightfully depressed robot in the midst of absolute chaos.  He did Douglas Adam’s character supreme justice.

Alice in Wonderland (2010)- Blue Caterpillar


Portraying the sarcastic and witty Blue Caterpillar in Disney and Tim Burton’s collaboration of the Alice in Wonderland live action film was a brilliant vocal casting.  One cannot even remember the voice from the Disney Animation film of the same name.  Also, being a much better guide than the Cheshire Cat, despite calling Alice “Stupid girl” multiple times was beautifully ended while he spun his cocoon.  It was serene, poignant, and truly moved the plot ahead of an otherwise slowly plodded movie.

Not unlike his fate reported today, Mr. Rickman is only starting a new journey as something else that anyone can only guess at

Of course an actor of his talent had many more movies, these were just a snapshot of his life.  Us here at I Watch Too Many Movies bid farewell and wish that he rests well for the rest of eternity.  Thank you for your films sir and thank you for your legacy.