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manchicken’s Movie Log: 2016-03-20


So, I haven’t had time to post regular reviews – live is complicated – but I’m still narcissistic enough to think you care which movies I’ve been watching. So, I’m going to use this Movie Log format to share with you all what I’ve been watching.

We will still be posting regular reviews (darkmovienight will, probably), but this will be a way for me to post stuff which is less involved, and more off-the-cuff. Think opinionated stream-of-consciousness style movie reviews.

A quick moment to point out that darkmovienight is the guy who makes almost all of the content on this site. Sure, I do the server-ey stuff, but there’d be no reason for the server if he wasn’t producing the content. Three cheers for darkmovienight!

Now, on to my movie log for the day…

What did I watch today?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)

Whiskey Tango FoxtrotI watched WTF (yes, that’s what this spells in the phonetic alphabet, I got the joke too!) today, and it was a hoot. I think Tina Fey did a great job of getting some laughs out of me while making several really good points:

  • War is hell
  • The Middle East is a highly unstable region
  • Highly competitive people are assholes
  • The U.S. Military, despite their best efforts and intentions, do not really have control over the situation that poor diplomacy and decades of proxy wars have created
  • The news media in the United States is more interested in “resources” (they mean money) than they are in keeping people informed

I dug this movie, I think you will as well.

Burn After Reading (2008)

Burn_After_ReadingSo, my girlfriend has been helping me to catch up on movies I’ve missed over the years, and today she recommended Burn After Reading. This is a Coen Brothers’ film, and like most of their work I had the same three thoughts:

  1. Wow, that was an amazing film, so funny and engaging
  2. Wow, that was a messed up film, what was wrong with the writers?!
  3. I’m confused… so, all of that happened for nothing?!

I really liked George Clooney’s character, it’s kinda funny how the CIA’s only common thread across all of the characters was that they were all banging each other.

This was a super fun flick, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should give it a try. Also, if my girlfriend ever gives you a movie recommendation, take it. She’s always right about these things.

See you all next time!