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Monday Morning Shower Report: Box Office 10/2-10/4

Good morning Bleary-Eyed fans.  We here at I Watch Too Many Movies work very hard for you and you’re completely ungrateful.  This is unacceptable.  Due to your lack of love, respect, and worship, we condemn all of you to the pit of Sour Gummy Worms!  I’m told that some of you might be diabetic and that might not be a good idea, so we’ll figure some punishment for you.  Also, I’ve been made aware that some of you are Vegan.  That is punishment in and of itself, proceed with your unhappy existence.  Other than that, let’s all hop in the shower together and see what the masses swarmed to this weekend shall we?

1) The Martian- $55M

I certainly hope everyone saw this coming.  Fox had a brilliant marketing strategy with their trailers and even the social aspect of their marketing with videos of the crew on their journey to Mars.  At any rate, we will have an in depth review this evening, so hold on to your butts and wait till around 7-8 Eastern (What?  You’re not my boss, we can post whenever we want to!)

2) Hotel Transylvania 2- $33M ($90.5M Total)

Having an extremely low dip for a second week Hotel Transylvania 2 proved there just isn’t anything in the market for kids right now.  I still have not seen it myself, but the parents who have saw their younglings enjoying it and that’s good enough for me.

3) Sicario- $12.1M ($15.1M Total)

Now we’re talking, some good ole drug cartel killing.  We haven’t seen that in a long time.

You’d think for such a nice looking guy, he’d get tired of playing drug lords, mercenaries, or creepy arms dealer…

This one had a limited release last week, so this is it’s first week of wide-release, so we can forgive a low box office total, but it’s a little scary to see it under a two week old movie and just above one from last week.  It’s going to be a rough road for this drug feature film, as my guess the Martian will dominate for a few more weeks.

4) The Intern- $11.6M ($36.5M Total)

Just some more love for the new Dynamic Duo of film/sitcom hybrid (Filmsits?  Filmcom?  Sitfilms?, eh, we’ll find a name for it).  I’m happy to see this family/date comedy continuing to make a few $$’s.  It you’re interested, you can read our full review here.

5) The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials- $7.6M ($63.2M Total)

Okay, this one I still don’t get.  From my research, it cost roughly $61M to make this film and based on this week’s run, it has at least made that back.  Of course you still have to include the marketing and licensing, but considering I’m only looking at the Domestic Box Office numbers, this thing is going to make a profit and then there will be a third one…then a fourth…then a fifth.  I know it’s an odd gripe, but I’m just tired of the genre.  Besides, this year finishes off the only one worth while:

Yeah, she’s about a million times better than Hawkeye…or Jeremy Renner for that matter

Thus ends our Monday Recap of the Box Office.  Let me say a few things, I’m extremely proud of our Nation rallying around the Universe over the past few weeks.  Between beautiful moons, to the Waters on Mars (probably better than that Doctor Who episode…sheesh, dark), and then making The Martian the #1 movie this week (and probably a few weeks to come, sorry Steve and Peter).

Enjoy your week everyone, and did everyone make sure to scrub the bottom of their feet?  Nothing is worse than an unclean foot.  Seriously, you could have put the laptop down for like two seconds and ensure they’re good to go.