manchicken’s Movie Log: 2016-03-24

I saw Miles Ahead in an advanced screening. I had a number of impressions. My first impression is that if Don Cheadle doesn’t win all of the awards for his portrayal of Miles DavisMiles Ahead then that will be a sign that the Academy has truly internalized and embraced #OscarsSoRacist hashtag as a term of endearment.

Cheadle does an amazing job of playing a very complex character who has a strange mix of good guy and bad guy in him, a conflicted man who lived in a time where overt racism was acceptable in public and just being a Black man in the wrong place was a guaranteed beating and night in jail. His story comes in after Miles Davis has been chewed up and mined for all of his gold as a young man, and pieces of the movie show us how he got there and how he pushed past it.

This movie gets my highest compliment: I left the theater conflicted, impressed, and thinking about the movie.

I think you’ll like this movie.

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