Wednesday Wars- 64 Days and Counting and I Feel Sorry for Drag Queens

Happy Wednesday Bleary-Eyed fans and you know what that means…

It’s October 14th!

Wait, that’s not right, well, it is October 14th, but Wednesday means it is time for…

Wednesday Wars!

You’ll have to forgive your Movie Overlords, because not only are both of us working our Dictator butts off, but some of us are on vacation and decided to drive for hours, drink straight Captain Morgan for an hour, then pick up his phone and decide everyone needs to know his life story.

And the Force is strong in my stomach
And the Force is strong in my stomach…

So, we’re feeling pretty lazy today, but it’s not going to stop us from bringing you top tier Star Wars weirdness.  Since we haven’t received any submissions from our fans, I had to scour the Internet to find something relatively new and unique (believe me, don’t Google “Strange Star Wars Things“).  But deep into the Dark Side of the Internet I did go and what your hero, Jedi Master Bruce Garrett (I know it’s not that inspired, but better than Anakin Skywalker…stupid name) found were these:


From a UK based company called Irregular Choice, these babies combine the rubber bottoms of a sneaker with the soul crushing high heel of the Classic Luke Skywalker lightsaber from Episode VI and VII.

And any performer during a Star Wars themed Drag Show's Achilles tendons
And the Achilles tendon of any performer during a Star Wars themed Drag Show

I love the design, but the practicality is pretty much non-existent here.  I suppose you could say that about most high-heels, but with a heel that is made out of a blade weapon of plasma and lasers just seems unruly.   Here are a couple more shots:

Did you notice the “Star Wars” on the back? In case these heels were too subtle
The lights are necessary for calling attention to your lunacy

Now I can neither confirm nor deny my desire to see a woman in one of these, but I’ll let you know that it’s not likely you’ll see me in a pair anytime soon.  But if you have to walk down the red carpet for The Force Awakens, I suppose you could do worse:

Much worse...
Much worse…

All images are credited to the incredibly talented Irregular Choice team who have many more hell and flat choices and some really unique purses.  Head over there and Like/Share their page because they deserve the love.

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Acceptable, but I don’t know if they had Bananas a Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, so, payment could become difficult…


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