Throwback Thursday: The Iron Giant or They Just Don’t Make Them Like They Use To


Brad Bird is a genius.  Not only has he entertained us with films from Pixar (The Incredibles, Ratatouille) but an incredible action film: Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol.  But in my humble opinion, his magnum opus was done sixteen years ago and it was this film, The Iron Giant.  

Now I want to say right up front that this review is going to be exceptionally short.  There are two reasons.  One, I’m on my tablet with a tiny Bluetooth keyboard typing this out on a decidedly non-mobile website.  Two, if I talk about this movie too much I’m going to cry my eyes out like I did last night.

If you haven’t seen The Iron Giant you either have no interest in animated films, have no kids, or in 1999 you were too scared about Y2K to come out of your fallout shelter.  Whichever kept you from seeing this film, you’ve missed out on something truly wonderful.

Since Walt Disney put together the Beautiful work of Snow White, I seriously don’t believe there has been a better hand drawn animated feature out there.  There is also a bit of sadness here because it is one of the last hand-drawn animated films out there.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore any form of animation, but we’re losing the art that started it all and that’s a shame.  Not only is the artwork pure beauty, but the writing, the direction, the characters, and even the plot are perfect.  It seriously is a lesson in how to create good cinema.

I know you’re looking for more from us here at I Watch Too Many Movies, but I just can’t say enough good about the work.  Not only is it a wonderful, funny, and endearing film, it also gives excellent ideas on personal strength and growth.  Not enough films today work to inspire young people to be all that they can be and they can be anything.   That’s truly special and needs to be repeated more often.

Didn’t Read My Fancy Words, Here is the Short Version:

The Iron Giant is a brilliant film that is criminally underated.  I wish more people can see the beauty I see when the film rolls.  Soon it will be out on Blu-Ray and you’ll have the chance to experience it.  For now, I want to leave you with a line that has resonated with me for years.  One line of dialog from an almost perfect film: “You are who you choose to be.”  This film was made for everyone and no matter what stage of life you are in…You are who you choose to be.


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