Wednesday Wars- 78 Days and Counting and Everything is Awesome!

Happy Wednesday all you Bleary-Eyed fans!  It is of course time for…

Wednesday Wars!

Our submission today comes from one of the most talented Jedi Knights in the known Galaxy, but that does not include South Carolina, they’re on their own and I don’t think he would even go there.  At any rate, Jedi Knight Brik’z is what we in the Universe call a builder.  Not only does he work tirelessly to vanquish Sith from the Galaxy, but his specialty with The Living Force is construction.  Some say that as a Youngling, Brik’z would often spend his time creating constructions in the Jedi Temple.

In fact, his mastery of the mysterious substance known as Laygeaux is unparalleled in the Galaxy (and this time I include South Carolina).

Below I ask you to witness Jedi Knight Brik’z creation of the infamous villain known as Grand Admiral Thrawn:

Even though he is no longer cannon, his evil is still recorded in the Jedi Archives (Wookiepedia)
Even though he is no longer cannon, his evil is still recorded in the Jedi Archives (Wookieepedia)

For those of you who have never read the “Heir to the Empire” Trilogy by the insanely talented author Timothy Zahn have missed out on the best story since The Empire Strikes Back.  Also, I don’t care how you do it but if you’ve missed out on these books, remedy that now.   In fact….These ARE the books you’re looking for…. *hand wave*

At any rate, Thrawn was a tactical genius who, even though the Emperor was completely xenophobic, managed to rise to the rank of Grand Admiral.  In fact, his ruthlessness and tyranny are unmatched in the Star Wars Universe and unless Kylo Ren can come up with multiple-world dominating strategies (even minus a Death Star), he’s not going to hold a candle to Grand Admiral Thrawn.

We thank Jedi Knight Brik’z for showcasing his talents and wish him luck as he ages and eventually is a Jedi Master of Laygeaux.

Until next week, May the Force be Ever in Your Favor.

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