Wednesday Wars- 85 Days and Counting…this time with beer!

Afternoon Bleary Eyed Fans,

It is once again Wednesday (which surprised me because I thought we added a day in there when Fall started) and of course it’s time for…

Wednesday Wars!

You know what would have been really cool?  Using the actual Star Wars font.  I’m sure there are ways to do this, but I have no idea how.  You think I might have wanted to learn this stuff before I agreed to work on a website with someone.  Too bad, it’s The Manchicken’s problem now.  He’s my coding slave while I say stupid words that make you people laugh…I think.  Well, there is no thinking about him being the coding slave.  That’s just a fact.

Today our Wednesday Wars images come from my own Jedi Master, Retired Jedi Master William-san-Joe.  Unfortunately, he was seduced by the Dark Side and now  goes by the pseudonym Lord Soiler.   Now that he is evil, I have to destroy him, or at least make fun of how often he goes fishing…

His bitching beard and Darth Vader Beer Stein solidify his evil ways!
I will have to stop this Lord of the Sith while he is inebriated.
I will have to stop this Lord of the Sith while he is inebriated.

As my former mentor and Master, I have no joy in what I must do, but I can not allow him to continue in his evil ways or continue buying beautifully detailed and awesome Star Wars Beer Steins!  But us at I Watch Too Many Movies still thank him for his addition to our Wednesday Wars spotlight this week.

Remember to send us in your excellent Star Wars pictures or anything Star Wars related you believe other Bleary Eyed Fans would enjoy.  Until next Wednesday,

May the Force be with you!

(Seriously, it would be so much cooler with the Star Wars font!)


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