Star Wars Wednesdays- 14 Weeks Left!

As many of you know, there is a certain film that will be releasing on the 18th of December.  What that film might be is a mystery that even the Vegan Deities cannot discern, but to be sure, some sort of force, if you will, is at work.  Most likely the force of gastrointestinal problems because they don’t eat meat, but perhaps they can fathom a world outside of their obnoxious, gassy bubble and divine what will cause a stir that day.

Not likely, they’re too busy kissing birds.   So, ear biting is cool as long as you don’t swallow.  Sounds like a smoking or sex work around.

Anyway, we all know that Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out that wonderful day in December.  Ten years ago was the last Star Wars film we saw and it, well, it…um…eh, it’s up to you.  The reason you either hated that movie or enjoyed it was whether or not you believed that attempting to keep Padme alive is a good enough reason to exterminate Younglings.  And did Obi-Wan forget that?  I mean, he just gives the damn thing to Luke.

That was in 1977, 38 years ago, before they showed what happened ten years ago…ugh, doing prequels is a bad ideal all around.  Time doesn’t work that way.  Let’s forget anything was ever said above and move on.

In order to celebrate the release of The Force Awakens, every Wednesday (Wednesday Wars?), we will showcase something from a fan of “I Watch too Many Movies”, notable info from the interwebs, or even some fun trivia which will turn into prizes.  Yes, you read that correctly, we have enough capital to buy your loyalty!

This weeks Wednesday Wars submission comes from our good friend Darth Andrews on Facebook.  With his Force powers he managed to mash up some excellent figures.  Without further ado, I present to you: General Stitch Grevious:

General Stitch Grevious

We thank Darth Andrews (admit it, you’d tremble at that name) for his contribution.  As much as I love the news on the internet, I’d much rather see awesome stuff from you all.  So send me pictures of your collection, your Halloween costume when you were two, or your ER bill when you attempted to use The Force on that bully in 8th Grade.

Until next week, May the Force be with you…while you do mundane things and such.


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